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SISU—Heating with Humor

The Finnish Pellet Revolution, emphasizing environmental benefits and independence from fossil fuels.

The residents of Northern Europe have long been aware of the advantages of using pellets: environmental friendliness, renewability, combustion efficiency, versatility, space saving, consistent quality and, especially now: independence from fossil fuels.

Sisu (Finnish for resilience) embodies the ironic cliché of a Finnish woodworker who, as a figure both mythological and supernatural and profane, leads the narrator of the three most important pillars in the use of pellets through its historically 100% accurate evolution.

Client ᛫ SISU Energy (equitrade)
Direction ᛫ Georg Blume
Executive Production ᛫ Georg Blume & Peter Schöffer
Camera ᛫ Moritz Dörflinger
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