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Fisker—A New Perspective

Experience a New Perspective with Fisker — SUN. 

The ocean becomes more than just water; it's a sensory journey where you merge with the sky, wind, and sun. To bring you the Fisker Ocean, we dared to think differently. Shifting our perspective on sustainability, we ventured beyond conventions to create something truly groundbreaking. Like a child's boundless curiosity, we explored new angles, pushing boundaries to create innovation that's larger than life.


Join us on this elegant yet fiery journey, where sustainability meets innovation, fueled by the power of the sun and get ready to see sustainability in a whole new light with Fisker. 

Client ᛫ FISKER
Agency ᛫ dockyard
Direction ᛫ Adán Langbaum
Creative Producer ᛫ Quinn Bokor
Executive Production ᛫ Georg Blume
Production ᛫ Marcos Medvedov
Camera ᛫ Anna Hawliczek
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