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Wien Tourismus—ivie App

Rediscover Vienna: Explore with Ivie, Your Official City Guide App

The ivie app is an important tool for Vienna's external tourism communication. The aim of the online campaign was to give the app a new face in the form of the rejuvenated, precocious Ivie, whose wit, charm and charisma will showcase the app's new features in a lively manner.

Three years after the app's release, we meet Ivie, unmistakably wearing a red beret, as a nine-year-old girl. We experience the moment of her transformation when she uses the app for the first time in front of the Steffl and her astonished dad, and becomes the personification of the app herself. Her convincing presentation of Vienna's "look at that" facts attracts an ever-growing crowd of followers, and so the new features are integrated into the plot on her fast-paced tour.

Originality is always the top priority for Vienna Tourism in its external appearance. That's why Jung von Matt, a guarantee of success, developed the campaign, the heart of which is the main film (along with various cutdowns, print subjects, assets and feature ads). In just one month, the film had already achieved half the number of views as its predecessor had in three years.

Client ᛫ Vienna Tourist Board
Direction ᛫ Georg Blume
Production ᛫ Teresa Leist-Nemeth
Camera ᛫ Moritz Dörflinger
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