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Showcasing the delightful harmony of Easter & Grill season offerings.

In the Easter commercial, witness a vibrant family breakfast from a stunning satellite view. The table is a masterpiece of synchronization, brimming with colourful eggs, freshly baked pastries, and succulent hams, all artfully arranged to capture the spirit of the holiday.

For the Grill season, our commercial transforms a family lunch into a symphony of flavours. Viewed from above, the table features an array of grilled meats, fresh salads, and vibrant side dishes, each product perfectly synchronized in colour and taste, embodying the essence of a perfect summer gathering.


Both commercials highlight the quality and variety of Hofer's products, celebrating the joy of family meals with impeccable style and taste.

2023 — Campaign
Client ᛫ TOPPIK
Direction ᛫ Rupert Höller
Executive Production ᛫ Georg Blume
Camera ᛫ Nicola Rehbein

Toppik — Artful Updo

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