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Explore how our CGI skills breathe life into the concept of climate-neutral mobility, offering a glimpse into a future where efficiency meets environmental responsibility.

This visionary project is a testament to Siemens' commitment to pioneering climate-neutral mobility solutions. Through a seamless blend of live-action film and cutting-edge 3D animation, we bring to life Siemens' One4All initiative, designed to revolutionize the way we perceive and engage with transportation.


This client shared with us its futuristic vision of a sustainable, climate-neutral way of mobility. We felt honored to visualize and support such a strong idea with all our special CGI skills, com-bining live-action film with stunning 3D-Animation.

Client ᛫ Bet at Home
Agency ᛫ Avantgarde 

Direction ᛫ Georg Blume
Producer ᛫ Marcos Medvedov
Co-Producer ᛫ Oana Maria Ursachi
Director of Photography ᛫ Radu Fulga
Post Production Supervisor ᛫ Valentin Bernauer
Edit ᛫ Lukas Beck
Grading ᛫ Lee Niederkofler
Music & Sound Design Production ᛫ Lukas Hasiba

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