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Introducing our exhilarating "Carrace" commercial for Aumaerk, where time is as essential as the vivid and lustful taste of cherished memories.

Aumaerk’s finest meats are showcased, their rich flavors and superior quality evident in every detail. As the butler races against time, the mother’s approval becomes the ultimate reward, underscoring Aumaerk’s dedication to culinary excellence.


Experience the thrill of perfection with every bite, and savor the timeless taste of Aumaerk.

Client ᛫ Bet at Home
Agency ᛫ Avantgarde 

Direction ᛫ Georg Blume
Producer ᛫ Marcos Medvedov
Co-Producer ᛫ Oana Maria Ursachi
Director of Photography ᛫ Radu Fulga
Post Production Supervisor ᛫ Valentin Bernauer
Edit ᛫ Lukas Beck
Grading ᛫ Lee Niederkofler
Music & Sound Design Production ᛫ Lukas Hasiba

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