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We are introducing our enchanting "Laurine" commercial for Aumaerk, where the extraordinary taste of our premium meats evokes vivid, exciting, and lustful memories.

Experience the magic of Aumaerk through Laurine’s mesmerizing memory, where each bite transports her through a whirlwind of vivid and exciting fantasies, from dancing gracefully in the rain to embodying a fierce samurai, strutting as an elegant model, and rocking out as a bold rock star, culminating in a pleasant smile that captures the essence of unforgettable taste and unparalleled culinary excellence.

Client ᛫ Bet at Home
Agency ᛫ Avantgarde 

Direction ᛫ Georg Blume
Producer ᛫ Marcos Medvedov
Co-Producer ᛫ Oana Maria Ursachi
Director of Photography ᛫ Radu Fulga
Post Production Supervisor ᛫ Valentin Bernauer
Edit ᛫ Lukas Beck
Grading ᛫ Lee Niederkofler
Music & Sound Design Production ᛫ Lukas Hasiba

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