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01 The Concept

When it comes to media production, content is key. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with images, it can be easy to forget the power of visual storytelling. A well-crafted film has the ability to elicit an emotional response, tell a story and leave lasting impressions. Creating unique images and outstanding stories – that’s our goal, and this should be yours as well. 

But developing stories is not only a creative process. At first, the process is very analytical. We take a close look at what’s already there (the brand, the message, the team) to ensure that everything we produce is not only on brand but also original. We understand that art is a process with continuous adjustments. That’s why close communication with our clients is substantial. Every delivery and feedback round ensures that we stay on the right track.

02 Complex Topics made simple to understand

Animation is a great way to explain complex topics simply and engagingly. By focusing on the essential information, we can create a clear and concise story that is easy for audiences to understand. The visual nature of animation allows us to add fun and excitement, making the learning experience more enjoyable. If you need to explain complex, don’t hesitate to use animation.

03 Tailor-made Illustrations

As the concept phase ends, we are ready to embark on the next step of our journey to bring your vision to life. A crucial part of every animation project is the art style. The question is what fits your message and company best. Creating custom-quality artwork gives us a lot of freedom to tell your story. In the end, our motto always is: Your Style, your Mission.

04 Characters bring your Story to Life

We love watching or listening to other people’s stories because we can vicariously live through them. A well-written character will keep us engaged because we want to know what will happen to them. We love following their journey, feeling their pain and celebrating their triumphs. Good characters are not always the most perfect ones. Sometimes an imperfect character is more relatable and, therefore, more engaging. We connect with them more easily because they are authentic. So when creating characters, consider making them imperfect in some way. It will make them authentic and memorable to your audience.